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Why Vote Yes
Improve safety
  • Safer trail crossings at Railroad Ave, Hartwell Road, and Concord Road

  • New shared-use path and sidewalks on Railroad Ave

  • Separate stone dust shoulders for walkers and runners

  • New wooden railings in areas with steep embankments and over the Mongo Brook

Greater access

The Minuteman Extension is an improved shared use path for all ages and abilities. The path will be friendly to all forms of transport and recreation:

  • Wheelchairs

  • Strollers

  • Walkers and pets

  • Joggers

  • Kids on scooters

  • Bikers and rollerbladers

$11 million in federal funds

Voting YES on November 14 will unlock $11 million in federal funding to construct the project through the State's Transportation Improvement Program.

Upgrade infrastructure

The Minuteman Extension will improve drainage on Railroad Ave and Commercial Ave.

It will replace a water main under the Reformatory Branch Trail.

Upgraded parking areas with trail amenities.


The project will also extend the Town's fiber optic network to the Concord town line.

Acquire public rights to Reformatory Branch Trail

The Town does not own the Reformatory branch trail in its entirety.

Vote YES to purchase the trail and ensure the Town has the necessary land rights to keep the trail open to all, and to access and maintain existing utilities, such as sewer and water lines.

Greater connections

Vote YES to extend the Minuteman to Concord Road / Route 62. Provide greater access to our regional rail trail network, and enhance local connections to neighborhoods, schools, and conservation land.

Reduce car usage and pollution

Walk, bike, stroll your way to work, school, and within the community.

Avoid driving your car and take an alternative form of transport that is better for your health and the environment.

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