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How one family shifted +3500 miles from car to bike

Our transportation sector is a leading contributor to carbon emissions. Watch how rail trails are changing that.

Building a mixed-use (shared-used) path brings many benefits to the community, the environment, and families!

Laura Davis, a local community organizer with Mothers Out Front, shared this video of how her family has adapted to biking more, and driving less. #DriveLessBikeMore

When we invest in important infrastructure like the Minuteman Bikeway Extension, we're able to provide greater access, greater connections within the community, and safe passage for more forms of transportation.

Since becoming a one car family last year, Laura has shifted +3500 miles from car to bike for all sorts of trips:

  • school drop-off / pickup

  • grocery shopping

  • local errands

  • family outings

  • date nights

Biking on rail trails is safer than biking on the road. Their 4 year old can now ride his own bike on the path!

Mixed-used paths are gorgeous, getting them where they need to go, and best of all, they don't get muddy! People can bike all year round and in all weather.

Visit the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, to see how YOU can shift your carbon emissions.

The carbon emissions from ONE gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.

Is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 5.5 acres of mature U.S forest.

The Minuteman Bikeway Extension Project will enable more residents to bike or walk to their destinations year round, and will offset the lost carbon sequestration potential of the 4.34 acres of vegetation removed for construction.

Be sure to Get out and Vote Yes to a Rail Trail for All on Nov. 14 at Bedford Special Town meeting.

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