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Take Action

Top 10 ways to support the project
1. Attend Special Town Meeting on November 14.

We need your attendance at Special Town Meeting.

Bring your friends. Book a babysitter. Get out and vote.

2. Mark your calendars with a reminder.

Add a reminder on your phone right now.

Put a reminder in your family calendar and have it notify you well in advance.

Put a sticky note on the fridge.

3. Create a plan to vote on Nov. 14.

Having a plan on the day will help you visualize what actually needs to happen.​​

Will you have work meetings you need to leave early?

Do you need to arrange a babysitter for your kids while your you attend Special Town Meeting with your spouse?

Are you going to drive your car, walk, or bike? Finding parking will take extra time considering the higher than expected turnout.

4. Share this campaign link with friends.

Share this site on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, NextDoor, LinkedIn, or where ever you like to read your news. Chat about the topic when walking in the neighborhood, or going for coffee with friends. Everyone has developed some level of opinion, but it's time to finalize those conversations and ask people to vote yes.

5. Sign up to receive e-mail and SMS alerts.

6. Comment on social media.

Provide supportive comments to friends and neighbors who may be missing facts about the project. Find links to articles in our Get the Facts series.

7. Write a letter to the editor

Your voice needs to be heard. Become a community advocate and write a Letter to the Editor of the Bedford Citizen.

8. Put up a lawn sign.

9. Join our Facebook group.

10. Follow us on Twitter.
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